Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan

Department of Statistics


About Department

Introduction: The Department of Statistics established in 2015 in the Garden Campus, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan has evolved rapidly as it began offering B.S, Masters and M.Phil/PhD programs in Statistics. The department of statistics is located is the Science Academic Block in the Garden Campus of the University. The department provides different services inside the university since it offers courses in statistics for students of other departments including agriculture, social sciences, management sciences etc. Also, the Department provides statistical consultations to applied research projects within and outside the University, both in designing the statistical research and the data analysis with the interpretation of results.

Currently, the department of statistics has highly qualified faculty including four PhD faculty members.

Vision: The vision of the department of statistics is to play a leading and effective role in teaching, research, planning and developing of the university, society and country by producing quality graduates in the field.

Mission: The mission of the department is to fulfill the needs of society in the fields of Statistics by providing quality and effective educational programs to achieve the ambitions of the developmental plans of the society, with continued efforts at improving these programs and maintaining the quality of scientific research.


  To provide a conducive research environment for researchers in statistics and data analysis to make them capable for doing quality research.
  To provide market oriented graduates and scholars to be able to share and contribute their expertise to the market.
  To enhance the quality of research and promote research culture and encourage research collaboration through provision of extensive statistical assistance.