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As human beings evolved culturally, emotionally and socially, physical activity also evolved. As the society became more complex, leading towards the modern age, physical education came to be recognized as an organized and supervised form of education and was termed as physical education.

The importance of physical activity was recognized by Plato when he said, "lack of activity destroys the good conditions of every human being while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it".

Charles A. Bucher has rightly said that “Physical education, an integral part of the total education process, is a field of endea vour that has as its aim the improvement of human performance through the medium of physical activities that have been selected with a view to realizing this outcome”.

Physical education is an education of human movement where many of the educational objectives are achieved by means of big muscular activities involving sports, games, gymnastics and exercise, opined (Harold M. Barrow).



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